Brataco Chemika. PT

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JL Tidar, No. 89, Surabaya, Jawa Timur, 60252
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Chemical Retail

  • Brataco Chemika. PT - Surabaya
    PT Brataco is a chemical raw materials and ingredients distributor in Indonesia. Our mission to become nationally recognized chemical distribution & trading company. We will always provide excellent services to the Industries and the Indonesian communities nationwide, for their requirement of chemical products and establish a solid management system within the organization, through professional Sales and Marketing team, and strong business partnership with customers and principals.
  • Brataco Services
    Brataco Services

    Our sales counters are designed to serve our retail customers. We offer complete and high quality chemical materials as our commitment. Our sales counters are available in all the large cities in Indonesia. We are not only a chemical supplier, but also a partner to small and medium industries by developing a mutual partnership cooperation.