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Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall Lantai Dasar & Lantai 1, JL Teuku Umar, Nagoya, Komplek Nagoya Hill Superblock, Batam, Kepulauan Riau, 29432
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  • Matahari Department Store - Nagoya Hill
    Step into any Matahari Department Store in any city in Indonesia, and you know exactly what to expect high quality, stylishly designed items plus all the essentials for your life, displayed in a clean, organizes and welcoming environment. The one of a kind experience comes for our department store roots and ongoing commitment to great prices and stylish innovations. The one of a kind feeling is why millions of guests visit our store every year.
  • Matahari Department Store Progress
    Matahari Department Store Progress

    We plan to expand aggressively but prudently in the future and our growth will be governed by our ability to find appropriate locations where we can ensure that our store economics will work successfully. We plan for 7-10 new additional stores to open throughout the year to further capitalize upon the prevailing high growth in the middle class segment.

  • About Matahari Department Store
    About Matahari Department Store

    Matahari Department Store is the a fashion retail business targeting the affluent middle & middle up segment as well as the leading department store chain in Indonesia. Supported by more than 6,000 suppliers and wide arrays of merchandise assortments as well as growing private labels, Matahari continues to strengthen its more than 80 stores nationwide presence by enhancing store concepts.