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Grand Mall Solo Lantai Dasar, JL Brigadir Jendral Slamet Riyadi, No. 273, Solo, Jawa Tengah, 57145
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Department Stores

  • Matahari Dept Store - Grand Mall Solo
    Step into any Matahari Department Store in any city in Indonesia, and you know exactly what to expect high quality, stylishly designed items plus all the essentials for your life, displayed in a clean, organizes and welcoming environment. The one of a kind experience comes for our department store roots and ongoing commitment to great prices and stylish innovations. The one of a kind feeling is why millions of guests visit our store every year.
  • Matahari Department Store Strategy
    Matahari Department Store Strategy

    Matahari Department Stores believe that a retailer can most effectively generate shareholder value based on a three pronged strategy of superior returns and store expansion programs capitalizing any potential opportunities presented by the changing nature of the retail marketplace. We believe this sort of performance would proudly put us among the leading retailers worldwide.

  • Modern Store Design
    Modern Store Design

    Matahari Department Stores development our flagship business by the introduction of a new modern store designs. We have listened to our customers and have identified a number of improvements in terms of convenience and fashion. This design will help us to better standardize our stores, leading to improved operating effectiveness as well as better customer service.