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City Walk Lippo Cikarang Ground Floor, JL MH. Thamrin, Bekasi, Jawa Barat, 17550
  • Tel 021 2928 7309
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  • Farmers 99 Market - City Walk Cikarang
    Farmers 99 Market has 5 philosophy which stands for the FARMERS word,namely Farmers Faith is the foundation, Acknowledge each other’s strength & Weaknesses, Reach the highest goal, Make continuous business improvement, Empower the team, Resolve every problem with a team spirit, Serve the customer wholeheartedly. We believes by our 5 philosophies, our will be able to compete and gain a place in the hearts of the people of Indonesia. With Farmers 99 Market “Your Fresh and Healthy Day Begin Now”.
  • The Concept of Farmers 99 Market
    The Concept of Farmers 99 Market

    Farmers 99 Market introduce new concepts to customers by offering healthy foods, like sugar free products, low sodium, low carbohydrate and free glutan. Farmers 99 Market are the pioneers of organic products since 1999, ranging from vegetables without pesticides. Now a growing need for healthy food, Farmers 99 Market want to always be the best for the customer.