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JL Cempaka, RT 01 RW 06 A, Bekasi, Jawa Barat, 17412
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  • Super Indo
    Supermarkets Superindo Provide a wide range of products of Everyday needs with reliable quality, complete, cost-efficient, and Easily accessible store locations. Freshness and product quality is always maintained through the source a good choice and handling with the standard operating procedure is always monitored. This makes the Superindo as shopping choices are always "More Fresh", "More Efficient", and "Closer".
  • Service Excellence With Humility
    Service Excellence With Humility

    Super Indo Supermarkets try to identify clearly who we are and what we can do, enables us to make every effort to provide the best service to customers. With humility we always look for ways to serve others.

  • Skilled Workers
    Skilled Workers

    Backed by more than 4,500 well-trained staff who are ready to serve customers. With vision, together we aspire to make life better for customers, employees, and society by always serving and we always connect with all colleagues within the group.