Dapur Babah Elite Restaurant & Tao Bar

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No. 18-19, JL. Veteran I, Jakarta Pusat, 10110
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  • Dapur Babah Elite & Tao Bar
    The food itself is a study of contrast. Recipes and ingredients have been painstakingly sourced from around the island, creating a happy medley of classic Peranakan specialties. These range from Dutch style bitter ballen (croquettes stuffed with vegetable puree and minced beef ), to hawker-style meatball soup and Hokkien-style noodles.
  • Peranakan Specialities
    Peranakan Specialities
    • The restaurant's highlight is a mountain of fragrant pandan rice, chicken satay and savory peanut crackers arranged atop a banana leaf on a wooden platter; the Nasi Goreng Bang Samin, a plate of fried rice named for a legendary street vendor from the East Javanese city of Malang.